Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bizarro World

We are living in a Bizarro world - the alternate universe of Superman where everything is backwards.

Let me get this straight: Palestinians fire a rocket into Israel deep enough to set off alarms in Tel Aviv; aiming, as always, at civilians. Israel responds, killing four members of Islamic Jihad who, according to the terrorist group itself, “oversaw the manufacture of bombs and rockets.”

"There is no chance of speaking about a truce now, following such a big crime against leaders of the group," said Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Ahmed. "Now we are talking about the suitable response to this crime," he said.

Okay, wait a minute. You're walking through the forest and you see a sleeping bear. You find a sharp stick and poke him in the eye. The bear gets up and mauls you and cry about the bear committing “such a big crime.”

What am I missing here?

Oh, by the way, the rocket was fired from (and the Jihadists were killed at) a terrorist training camp near Rafah, a former Jewish settlement that Israel gave up as part of a “land for peace swap.”