Monday, October 20, 2008

Stir It Up!

I just noticed that this blog is referenced on several other blogs so I'd better get with it and make it worth looking at.

I just did a study on Timothy that was a blessing.

Rick Warren has a book out on Bible Study methods and I followed his outline for a Biographical Study.

You know what Timothy was like-young, lacking in confidence if not outright fearful, and yet Paul had great confidence in him.

Paul was not looking at Timothy in the natural. He was not looking at Timothy's weaknesses- but he saw the gifts that God had given to his young protege; Paul remembered (and reminded Timothy) that prophecies that had been spoken over him. He was constantly reminding Timothy of two things: God can and will use you because of the gifts He has given you; and God can and will use you regardless of your natural shortcomings- because of the gifts He has given you. But Timothy had to allow himself to be used. He had to learn to rely on those Holy Ghost gifts that were in him and not hold back because of perceived inadequacies.

It is Christ in us the hope of glory. It is the Greater One in us that enables us to do all things. It is the Father and the Son taking up their abode in us that makes us more than conquerors. It is no longer I who lives but the very Christ Who lives in me and out through me if i will be faithful to follow Him step by step, day by day.